Inside The Skater's Studio W/ Kevin Coakley

The "Make Friends With the Colour Blue" video was the video part that put Kevin Coakley on the map. And it was one hell of a welcome part. The 2-song epic was not only one of the raddest parts to come out in 2010 but Kevin also was the first American to be featured in the long line of amazing videos from Blueprint Skateboards. Kevin's part not only introduced the world to Kevin's amazing and delicate style but also demonstrated Kevin's prowess as a spot seeker with him shredding tons of unique and unseen spots from the outskirts of Boston and across the northeast.

 Filmmaker Dan Magee is easily in our short list of favorite skate video makers and we were really stoked to have him join us and Kevin to discuss the process of working on this video part and also to give Kevin tons and tons of shit. This is probably the raddest Skater's Studios we've done yet so sit back and enjoy. This episode was filmed by Joe Bressler and edited by Marshall Nicholson.

Thanks to Kevin, Dan, Joe Bressler and Marshall Nicholson for all of the help making this happen. And if you'd like to refresh yourself on Kevin's MFWTCB part, there's a pretty decent quality version here on Youtube. Thanks!