John Baragwanath Part From "Volunteers"

Miami skater John Baragwanth recently expatriated to NYC last fall and became part of the TOA crew pretty quickly. With a rad sense of humor and a humble, understated vibe, John let his skating do the talking for him. And after a few sessions with him in the city it was obvious that his skating has a really loud voice. 

Mikey Bueso just released dvd's of his video "Volunteers" which premiered almost a year ago. And when he asked us which parts we would like to host on the TOA site the very first one we picked was John's. I think you'll see very early into his part why. With a super smooth style and beastly pop, John B is a pleasure to watch. And we're super stoked to not only have the Volunteers video available on the TOA web store, but to also be able to exclusively host a couple of the video parts here on the TOA site.

Check it out and enjoy.....