RAW TAPES: Paris 2006 Episode 3

During the summer of 2006 we managed to film roughly 50% of the Static III video in a matter of about 4 months. In one massive trip from NY to India, Israel, Paris and London, we filmed an unbelievable amount of footage and, aside from his 2 clips in Philly, Nate Broussard filmed his entire part in the short few months he was in Europe that summer. He left London after 2 months in Europe and flew into an Adio tour of the US on which he tore his ACL. And he was unable to film anything more for his part. 

This weeks episode, Episode 3, features a short 1 week trip we took to Paris right before heading to London for 3 months. Staying with Soy Panday and Vivien Feil, we skated a ton of amazing that Soy had been saving up for us. It's rad to watch this raw footage and see some alternate versions of lines these guys did in their final Static III parts. Or even some stuff that never got used. I forgot that Soy filmed that crazy Eifel Tower line in a light rain shower, bobbing and weaving through the annoying tourist crowd and slipping out on wet marble. So sick. 

This episode features only 3 skaters. Nate, Soy and Vivien Feil. So sit back and enjoy, the Raw Tapes Paris edition.