Inside the Skater's Studio w/ Brian Delatorre

Every skater who makes a lasting impression on the greater skateboard community has that one video part and we all remember them by. Even skaters who go on to have incredibly long, strong careers seem to never be able to live down that one breakout part. For the Gonz it was 'Video Days'. For Ricky Oyola it was 'Underachievers'. And for Brian Delatorre it was the MIA Skate Shop video 'Welcome to MIA'. We locked Brian in the TOA office a while back and forced him to watch his MIA video part over and over until he remembered a few interesting behind the scenes stories for us. And we even resisted his countless requests for weed. 

Brian's MIA part had that special something that makes a skate video able to be re-watched over and over. Skating fast as hell and bombing hills in SF typically makes for dynamic footage, but Brian's style is so solid that he still produces highly intriguing and exciting clips skating in as flat a city as New York and Miami. In a world where every skater is good nowadays, it takes a skater with flavor like Brian to really command your attention and his MIA part really captured this. We're stoked to finally have this episode wrapped up and online so have a gander and get inspired to go nollie flip over some rails.........or grow your own man bun. One or the other.

Filmed by Joe Bressler / Edited by Josh Stewart