The 9/11 Conspiracy Revisited

Every year when this notorious day quickly approaches on the calendar, I'm left pondering about how I should approach remembering and/or honoring the terrible events that occurred 14 years ago to this day. Considering the horrible loss of life that day as well as the frightening loss of truth and freedom that the events ushered in soon after, the gravity of the whole thing always makes me want to just leave it alone and remember/mourn in private. But as I sat this morning eating breakfast and sipping coffee in a little cafe in Brooklyn I realized that with the blur of advertising and meaningless media we are barraged with on a regular basis nowadays, it is probably more necessary than ever to bring up and discuss issues as important and world-altering as I believe the 9/11 conspiracy to be. So, albeit a little late, I've decided to sit down this afternoon and write a little piece about the one event I've probably written about more on this site than any other topic other than skateboarding.

We have discussed nearly every angle of the 9/11 story on the Theories of Atlantis blog in the past but it is such a vast labyrinth of information that it would be impossible to capture the full breadth of evidence disproving the official story. So instead of trying to go too in depth I figured that a better approach would be to highlight several key issues that poke serious holes in the official story and provide a link to help demonstrate each one further.. I'm convinced that any person with common sense and an elementary grasp of physics would agree after considering these few points below that the we have been lied to and the entirety of the 9/11 story needs to be reinvestigated by an independent body.

1. BUILDING 7: Perhaps the achilles heel of the entire 9/11 story lies in a very little known occurrence of that fateful day. The collapse of World Trade Center Building #7. The WTC complex did not only include the 2 towers that were hit by planes on September 11th, the property consisted of a number of buildings dispersed over several blocks and one of the largest, other than towers 1 & 2, was a 47 story skyscraper known as the Salomon Brothers building, or, WTC Building 7. Most people are unfamiliar with this building yet it is the smoking gun evidence that points to a bigger plot that day, way beyond the means or reach of Osama Bin Laden and his 19 hijackers. The issue begins when you discover that in the history of architecture, no steel-framed building has ever completely collapsed due to fire. Not until 9/11 that is. On 9/11 three buildings collapsed perfectly into their own footprint at seemingly free-fall speed. 2 of them were hit by massive airplanes. One of them was only struck by debris from the neighboring towers' collapse. Yet, the building was seen collapsing perfectly into it's own footprint as if it had been rigged with explosives by a demolition crew in weeks of planning and preparation. Add to that the fact that this building housed the Securities and Exchange Commission, where it stored all of the documents being used in the investigations of major corporate crimes like the Enron and World Com scandals. As well as housing the largest Secret Service station outside of Washington, a major CIA satellite office and a highly fortified emergency management bunker. Outfitted to withstand a major disaster, it was built out to act as a management center from which Mayor Giuliani was to operate and manage any major emergencies w/in NYC. All of these facts raise some red flags but it got even stranger when the 9/11 Commission published their massive investigative report on the disaster and not one word was given about Building 7. Not ONE! This alone is reason enough to investigate this story further. This segment taken from a longer documentary discusses the anomaly that is the Building 7 collapse with expert architects and engineers who put their careers on the line to publicly speak out against the official story:

2. THE MOLTEN STEELA lot has been argued about the cause of the collapse of the twin towers. And it definitely makes it more difficult when so many popular media outlets like the History Channel and Popular Mechanics have championed the government's official explanation. Repeating the official explanation over and over until the public accepts it as the written word of god. But the hard scientific evidence actually goes against the arguments of Popular Mechanics and the government's official scientific investigative body, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). After several weak attempts to explain away the collapse of the twin towers, NIST finally settled on a "weakened steel" position which posited the core columns were weakened by the burning jet fuel and such initiated a collapse of the upper floors which fell, one by one, in a pancake fashion. But, considering that the building fell in just over 10 seconds, it would mean that every weld, rivet and beam would have to fail at the exact same time as the above floors crashed down into one another, never being slowed or hindered by the debris below, which was quickly accumulating and becoming more and more dense as the collapse progressed. Even so, if you accepted for the "weakened steel" theory, it still doesn't explain the countless sightings of molten steel pouring from different areas of the buildings and the subsequent pools and rivers of molten steel that lay beneath the rubble for up to 8 weeks after the day of the collapse. The reason this is so important is because steel doesn't melt until it reaches a constant temperature of around 2700 Farenheit. Yet, jet fuel can only burn, at it's very hottest, at 1,500 degrees. Therefore it's impossible that the jet fuel could melt the steel we saw pouring out of the buildings that day. And, even so, most of the jet fuel was ignited upon impact of the planes. So, in order to explain the collapse of the buildings that day you MUST explain what could have melted the steel. And the only explanation that has been put forth to legitimately explain this has been that of Brigham Young University physics professor Steven Jones, with his theory of Thermitic reacions. The military-grade fire accelerant known as "Thermite" can turn steel to liquid instantly in a flash and Dr Jones eventually proved that trace elements of Thermate and spherical elements of previously molten steel, both bi-products of Thermitic reactions, can be easily found in the WTC dust. It's a 'conspiracy theory' with more hard evidence than the official story. 


3. THE PILOTS: If you were a juror in an important trial one of the first things the defendant's lawyer would attempt to establish would be his client's alibi. Could the defendant actually have even been able to commit the crime had he wanted to? In the instance of 9/11, the alleged 19 hijackers had undergone very limited flight training on tiny single engine airplanes. Barely passing their flight training schooling, we are expected to believe that these men then went on to perform flawless maneuvers that highly skilled pilots have argued are next to impossible. The truth is that the alleged hijackers simply could NOT have piloted the planes that we saw smash into the WTC buildings or into the Pentagon. This is highlighted very clearly in this interesting documentary called "Pilots for 9/11 Truth" in which highly experienced pilots explain physics that negate the official story and render it utterly ridiculous:

4. THE DRILLS: An often overlooked aspect of 9/11 is the eerily coincidental drills that were being conducted on and around that horrible day by multiple agencies of the federal government. FEMA, the CIA and NORAD to name a few, were all conducting practice drills using many of the F-16 fighter planes that are usually stationed on watch to protect the eastern seaboard. Not only did this pull the much needed protection from the attack areas, but it also highly confused the authorities since the premise of some of these drills was how to react if the US was attacked by terrorists using civilian airlines to crash into buildings. One of the drills was even based on an attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. The exact thing that ended up happening that very day. Imagine if you're a NORAD operator trying to coordinate en emergency response after the WTC has been struck by the 2nd plane but most of the people you're communicating with think that you're just playing part in the drills going on that day. This is a very bold technique that was also used during the London 7/7 train bombings years later. This video does a good job of summarizing this unbelievable situation:

5. THE PNAC DOCUMENT: The Project For the New American Century is a conservative "think tank" that meets to develop foreign policy and attempts to get said policies adopted by the US State Department. In 2000 this group released a document entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses" in which they stated the US needed to hike military spending to new unprecedented heights, expand US military bases around the world and to adopt a new policy as an aggressor, willing to seize "non-complying" regimes in the middle east in order to take control of the last dwindling reserves of oil. It also pushed heavily for an excuse to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. The document stated the the biggest obstacle to achieving these goals would be getting public sentiment to get behind it and that it would require an attack on American soil, much like "a new Pearl Harbor" for this to occur. The men behind this document included Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld. One year later these men were the architects of the Bush administration and they had the power of the presidency to achieve their goals. Strangely enough, the "new Pearl Harbor" conveniently happened just as they had planned.


Finally, I would urge any critics or debunkers to give this final video a once-over. Feel free to skip around. You definitely don't have to watch the entire piece to get the gist of the message and the credibility of the people involved. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is a group formed by architect Richard Gage and contains a collection of over 1,000 engineers and architetcs who have signed on as supporters of the 9/11 Truth movement and who are arguing that the science of the official story doesn't add up. I'm not an engineer and I'm going to guess that neither are you. So why not listen to a few people who are to see what they say about what happened that day.

About 6 years ago I was confronted in the streets by an angry fireman for having an "Investigage 9/11" sticker on my car. He wouldn't let me speak a word and shouted every time I opened my mouth, yelling with spit flying out of his mouth he was so overwhelmed with anger. He threatened to beat my face in if I opened my mouth, all in front of his young son. Trust me, I know that this is heavy subject for a lot of people. But imagine if when Paul Revere rode through the streets shouting "The Redcoats are coming!" the villagers called him a traitor, threatened to kick his ass and then went back to burying their heads into their i-phones. Have an open mind and remember that if history is any lesson, powerful governments can rarely be trusted. Ask John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.