Theories Fall 15 Line Is Live

The new Theories Fall '15 line launched officially this morning and should be arriving at skate shops across the US all this week. The new line features a ton of new graphics and a couple of rad new collaborations. Possibly the raddest new feature in the Fall line is the "Unsolved" collection including 2 snapbacks, 2 tees and 2 sleek pullover hoods.


Theories also managed to work along with the guys over at Domestics Clothing over in Carteret, New Jersey, to offer the very first Theories cut & sew piece, the "Hudson" button-up shirt. These shirts have a really clean work shirt look and are constructed out of a solid, heavy-duty brushed cotton fabric that will keep you warm in the fall and hold up through some heavy shredding. 

Another exciting collaboration is the adaptation of the popular Hopps x Theories collab board from last season into a rad new t-shirt graphic. The graphic showcases the political assassinations of the 1960's and includes a subtle the Hopps/Theories combined logo on the back. And Theories is tying in with this collab tee release, the announcement of the very first Theories deck, the "November 22nd" graphic, which coincides with the Hopps collab tee very nicely. Made with Generator wood, the Theories decks are available in all major sizes and come with a free sticker.

We just managed to get the full line up and live on the web store and we're already running low on some items since we only had a little bit of stock left over in some pieces after shipping out shop orders. So jump on it as soon as you can to make sure you can get what you'd like from the new series.