Magenta Welcomes Glen Fox

Roughly 2 years ago I was on an early morning Skype call from our tiny Brooklyn apartment office to Magenta boss Vivien Feil's living room nearly 4,000 miles across the Atlantic ocean. It was mid-afternoon in Bordeaux, France and Vivien was updating me on a multitude of Magenta related items. Suddenly his eyes lit up as if he was hit with an epiphany, or someone had stepped on his toe "Have I told you about Glen Fox yet?" I searched my fading memory banks and came up with nothing. "He's our new secret weapon from the island of Jersey. You know, the REAL Jersey?" Something that Europeans love to do is to clown Americans on their cities and states that are named after European cities with the addition of the title "New" before it. The state of New Jersey is actually stolen from a little known island off the coast of England, but actually closer to France called "Jersey". And this is the home of the young artist/skateboarder dynamo known as Glen Fox. Vivien shared a little Youtube link that Glen's friends had filmed of him and it was certainly like nothing I'd ever seen before. It's rare that you witness a skater with a style that is uniquely their own, but Glen was in another ballpark altogether. Amazingly, they waited for nearly 2 years to make the announcement but I'm glad to see that it's finally official. Glen Fox is the newest addition to Magenta Skateboards. Check out his little welcome video and enjoy.