Static Steps Into the 21st Century

That's right my friends, Static videos have finally moved to the new millennium and are all finally available as a digital download. After releasing Static IV last July we received a barrage of email an Instagram complaints from skaters around the world saying that they don't even own dvd players and had no way to watch the dvd if they bought it. So it left us scratching our heads on a good solution. It took a little while because we wanted a venue that we could self-manage and also offer bonus pieces, trailers, etc. and we finally found all of this in a rad new digital delivery site called VHX. Not only can you download whichever Static package you want with ease, you can also watch your purchases on your Roku box from the couch, or on your iPhone while out and about in the city. Or, shit, you can even just RENT the videos for 72 hours if you're a cheap penny-pinching scrooge. Just head to our Static Series home page on the VHX site to check it out.