Kevin Tierney Static V Remix

Kevin Tierney's part was the introduction to the surprise 'Static V' video at the world premiere in NYC on May 1st for good reason. Kevin was one of the earliest choices for the Static IV project because of his original style and his overall hilarious personality. And also, as a Queens native, Kevin's skating maintains a truly New York City vibe and flavor and added a lot of the overall feel of the video.

While working on his part over a span of a couple years we had Kevin's part edited to an insanely long list of different song options. Kevin was about as indecisive as anybody I'd ever worked with, aside from myself, so every time we'd think we had the song nailed, Kevin would text me a new song title to check out. I was pretty stoked on the song we finally settled on (originally found by NY videographer Joe Bressler) but there were several options that hit the cutting room floor that were pretty sick as well. So we decided to do a re-edit of his part using one of the songs I really liked as well as of the songs he really wanted to use. This new version also features some new angles, some different makes of tricks from his original edit and some new clips never seen before. Take a peek and see which you like better.