Double Exposure With Orchard and Theories

About a week and a half ago the TOA crew made a trip up to Boston for Pep Kim's Static 456 photo show at Orchard Skateshop, marking the second ever time his photos from the making of the video have been exhibited.  Besides going to show their support for the show, Dustin Eggeling, Aaron Herrington, Kevin Coakley and Brian Clarke came along to meet up and skate around Boston with the locals.  Orchard just posted the resulting video of this two part event, Double Exposure, that Joe Bressler put together recapping the event.  We had a lot of fun on this trip and are always stoked to work together with a shop as rad as Orchard.  Pepsi's photos will be on view at the Allston location of the shop through January.  Photos from the event can be viewed over at Orchard's website.