RAW TAPES: London 2006 Episode 5

It's Thursday again, so it must mean that another episode of the RAW TAPES feature is live and direct. L-l-l-live and direct. This weeks episode introduces a few fresh faces and includes the likes of Jake Sabback, Rory Milanes, Brophy, Paul Shier, Olly Todd, Nate Broussard, Tony Manfre, Snowy, Bobby Puleo and more. And peppered in for good measure is some classic Puleo meltdowns and your standard douche bag street fight. You won't be disappointed in yourself for committing the 9 minutes of day time that this video takes up so dive in and leave a comment telling us how YOU would've handled the drunks on the sidewalk that day. And considering this is the second to last episode of the London 2006 series, tell us what you'd like to see next in the Raw Tapes feature. Enjoy.