RAW TAPES: London 2006 Episode 7

After posting almost 60 minutes of raw footage over the last 6 weeks, we've run down to the final episode of the RAW TAPES London 2006 series. And I must say it's a little bit of a relief after spending days upon days of capturing footage from stacks of old tapes. But don't worry because this final episode is a doosy with over 12 minutes of footage and a hefty list of skaters including, in order of appearance, Charlie Young, Seth Curtis, Nick Jensen, Dan Callow, Tom Lock, Olly Todd, Mark Jackson, Will Harmon, Andrew Brophy, Christian Bruntan, Louie Barletta, Nestor Judkins, Joey Pressey, Daniel Kinloch, Vivien Feil and Bobby Puleo. 

We're going to take a break from this series but it will return soon. Enjoy and thanks for watching all 7 episodes.