It's been a long time since we received a video transmission from Billy Rohan. That's because when the first snow started to drop on NYC Billy ghosted on everyone and teleported himself down into the Bermuda Triangle, onto the beaches of Puerto Rico for 3 months. After a long hiatus of hibernating, Billy Rohan is back with a brand new Illumignarly edit. Featuring a Miami excursion to Miami for Art Basel and some NYC craze right before the great blizzard crushed every skater's dreams. Stoked to have the craze back at TOA. Enjoy!


7 years ago we launched an experimental contest on the TOA site allowing readers to download all of the original VX and 16mm footage from Pat Stiener's Static III part and do their own re-edit. In an era when downloading a 1 gigabyte file could take up to 24 hours, it was asking a lot of people. But, incredibly, we ended up receiving nearly 70 entries after it was all said and done. Flash forward to the future, aka now, and not only can you film and edit videos on your phone, but downloading a gigabyte of footage takes less time than boiling a kettle of water. So when Transworld Skateboarding asked us about doing a similar contest with Aaron Herrington's Static IV part, not only were we down, it appeared that technology was finally ready for the challenge.


We got the crew together and headed down south to dodge the harsh New York winter, and for many of us, to get back in touch with our roots in Florida.  This video is the result of 10 days of street skating, several demos, and some deep sea diving.  Featuring riders from all of our brands, we're very proud to present Escape From New York.

I was reading their reviews on Yelp and apparently their tater-tots are amazing.
— Pat Stiener