"Supernatural" By Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock has been blessing our eyes and brains with incredible new ways to see the history of mankind for over 2 decades now. But his newest book, Supernatural, ventures into a whole other world altogether. Beginning with an in-depth exploration into the cave paintings that were mankind's first demonstration of artistic expression and religious ponderings, Graham is led deep into the rabbit's hole of the collective consciousness. And as we discover along his journey, these early cave paintings, it has been accepted were mostly being created by shaman and medicine men of ancient people's who were under the influence of ceremonial hallucenagenic plants. And Graham makes the proposal early on that perhaps, it is mankind's early experiences with the collective consciousness that opened up the brain into the world of creativity and self expression.
As the book progresses Hancock interviews psychologists, anthropologists and philospers who’s work has made a strong case to prove that the brain is like a radio antennae that can be retuned to receive different dimensions of reality. And it is Graham's and other scientists theory that the psychoactive substances like that of Amazonian Ayahuasca simply retunes the brain to these other dimensions and presents us with another world that is as real as the one around us.
“Supernatural” is a fascinating read that ties in heavily to old Theories posts arguing for a collective consciousness that links the energies of all of life. The end was a bit of a let down, but the basic premise of this book is enough to make reading it’s 419 pages completely worth the effort.