MIA Zine

MIA skateshop has become a fixture in the Miami skate scene. And one of the raddest things about the shop is it’s support network of friends who have helped to make it far more than just a skateshop.
One of the more important pieces of that puzzle is photographer Ian O’Connor who was born in the Florida Keys and spent the majority of his life as a skateboarder in Miami. Ian has been working with the guys at MIA and playing his part in the skateshop since it’s inception many years ago. And now Ian has teamed up with MIA to compile a book/zine that would capture the rich skateboard history of the Miami area while also presenting the rich culture that makes Miami so unique, as seen through the lens of Ian’s camera. I expected a far less ambitious project than what met my eyes when I first opened up the Program Zine. It’s shocking to me how much work and thought went into compiling this awesome piece of work. It is the perfect crash course for any Miami newcomer into what Miami is really all about. And a heap of entertainment and nostalgia for Miami’s most seasoned veteran.
Although the price of this little gem is a bit on the high side, I highly recommend it to any fan of skateboarding and the rich culture that we get to witness first hand while out in the streets of the cities we skate within.