"The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee" by Mike Clelland

Aside from the overwhelming desire to just figure out what the hell is happening with the UFO phenomenon, it's also rad to have a subject matter that can still make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. And with all of our senses being constantly overwhelmed by technology from all angles, I find it more and more rare to really have an exciting, spooky experience these days. So when I stumbled across a few stories that not only involved graphic and bizarre UFO encounters but also mixed with terrifically creepy late night experiences with owls, I was intrigued to say the least. So I hunted down the source of these stories and was led to a new book by first time author Mike Clelland. 

Mike Clelland became interested in this subject as a result of a strange personal experience. An experience that, at first seemed incredible, but didn't really sink in until he had the EXACT same strange experience a few days later. This all centered around a weird interaction with a group of owls. That's right, owls. This sparked Mike to start a blog about his experience and he soon was overwhelmed with readers leaving comments about having very similar experiences to his. Eventually, Mike began investigating the issue deeper and collecting first-hand accounts of other experiencers, and the stories he started to hear went beyond the bizarre and into the truly weird. 

A young man named Joe was driving his 4 friends home one night when he and his friend Dave, in the passenger seat, saw a brilliant blue light descending in the sky. Both Joe and Dave were speechless until after they had lost sight of it beyond the tree line. After the shock wore off, they told the three people in the back seats what they had just seen. They were traveling about 55 mph when a white owl flew right up alongside their car with it's head turned, staring directly at the passengers. This owl was flying right next to the passenger window, close enough that Dave could have reached out and touched it. The owl hovered there for about five seconds and then flew off. Then, less than a mile down the road, another white owl did the exact same thing--again staring sideways while flying right next to the car staring in Dave's window. Suddenly everyone in the car began screaming, as if they were all feeling the same primal fear.

The types of experiences related between the pages of The Messengers range from the mundane to horrifically creepy. But one thing that is for sure, is that they were very real to the people who experienced them. Some of them never even realized that the incident was strange at all until the re-tell their story to Mike. And as Mike digs deeper and collects more and more stories another pattern becomes strongly consistent with nearly every person he interviews....they have also had some sort of sighting or contact with UFO's or what they believed to be extraterrestrials. And a lot of the stories seem to overlap, enough of which that Mike makes a pretty obvious conclusion that there is a connection between the two.

Corina Saebels was heading home with her family, driving slowly, and at a sharp bend, right in the beam of the headlights, they saw what she can only describe as a typical gray alien standing on the side of the road. "I slammed on the brakes in the middle of the road and screamed. The children and I began to shake uncrontrollably, but oddly Rob (her husband) just calmly turned to me and said 'What are you guys so worried about? It's only a big owl!"

One of the most consistent issues that pops up with this topic is the idea of a "screen memory". (Hence the name of the Alien Workshop video "Memory Screen) The idea is that when aliens are interacting with humans they somehow are influencing people to see something other than a scary alien being, in order to keep them calm through the experience. And it seems that the most common 'screen memory' people remember after such an experience, is that of seeing strange 3-4 foot tall owls. In an interview with the author of possibly the most famous alien abduction story ever "Communion", Whitley Strieber explained that long before he started having abduction experiences "There was a white owl that used to stand in our back yard and watch the windows of my bedroom when I was a child. It made my folks nervous. This was during the time that they started nailing the screens shut". Something really creepy seemed to be going on here. But the further The Messengers goes on the more we discover that there are a multitude of owl experiences that are clearly not screen memories, but real, actual owls that are interacting with people. There are many people who tell stories about an owl that would follow them around town for several weeks or even months. They'd stay out in the front yard, on a light post or in a tree, and then would follow these people around town as they ran errands. Never interacting with them directly, but seemingly keeping an eye on them at all times of the day. 

Clelland investigates every possible theory and scenario that could help explain what is going on here. Covering topics of shamanism to mythology, from the story of the mothman to the symbolism of the owl at Bohemian Grove. It's a really extensive journey and it is filled with an endless trove of incredible stories that mostly sound far too bizarre to have been made up. I highly recommend this book to skeptics and UFOlogy fans alike. It is endlessly entertaining, even if you don't end up believing that there is something of substance happening here.

Perhaps I should close with my own little story. Obviously, it can't come anywhere near matching the level of intensity that some of the stories in the book convey, but it's strange nonetheless. I read about this book last December and told my mother about it one day. And then a few weeks later I was back in Florida for the holidays and, surprise, I opened up one of my presents on Christmas morning and found she had gotten the book for me. I started to read it that very same night. The next day I spent running errands around town with my girlfriend and we pulled back up to my mom's house just after the sun had set. As we climbed out of the car I happened to look up at the power lines running behind my mom's house and there sat a tiny little screech owl. It sat motionless staring straight into my mom's back window. We tried to tread lightly to not scare it away and just watched him for several minutes. Then we crept around to get a look at him from the front and for a split second our view of him was obscured by some tall standing bamboo. As our view cleared again he was gone. We never saw him fly off. He had just disappeared that quickly. Now, this is most likely just a coincidence, but I probably haven't seen an owl in the wild in at least a decade. But the day after I started reading a book about the owl and it's connections to UFO's, aliens and synchronicities, here I was catching at a tiny owl staring intently into my mother's back window. Very. Wild. Stuff.

Thanks for reading and if you happen to read this book please let us know in the comments section one day. I'd love to hear your opinions and reviews.
Take care,

-Josh Stewart

"Magicians of The Gods" by Graham Hancock

If you're a long time reader of the TOA site, then you're probably familiar with the name Graham Hancock by now. Author of some of the most fascinating books we've ever discussed here including "Fingerprints of the Gods" and "Supernatural", Mr. Hancock has become the loudest voice in the argument against the accepted chronology of the development of human civilization. It all started for me about 15 years ago when I picked up Graham's first book, "The Sign and The Seal" in which he finds himself on a 5 year long mission trying to track down the legendary biblical artifact known as the Ark of The Covenant. That incredible story got me hooked on Graham's writings but his next few works flipped anthropology and archaeology on their heads with his proposals that some ancient structures such as the Great Sphinx were actually remnants of a much older stage of human civilization that existed BEFORE the end of the last ice age. In other words, that mankind had developed advanced civilizations long before the emergence of the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations that mainstream archaeology believes were the very beginnings of human civilization. In fact, he proposes that ancient civilizations like that of the Egyptians, Mayans and Mesopotamians had only inherited the knowledge of a much more advanced civilization that pre-dated them by possibly 6,000 years or more and which were destroyed by a great cataclysm. The same cataclysm that brought the last ice age to a dramatic end around 12,000 BC.

Even though this theory was not Hancock's alone, his epic work in "Fingerprints of The Gods" was the book that introduced most people to this incredible theory. And many fans of his work and ideas have been long awaiting a follow up to 'Fingerprints' to get newly updated information and revisions to his earlier work. And that is exactly what was delivered when Graham's newest offering "Magicians of The Gods" hit shelves early this year. I was fortunate enough to attend a free lecture by Hancock in NYC last fall where he discussed and demonstrated a lot of the new information in his upcoming new book. It was a lot to absorb in one sitting but the amount of new evidence which has surfaced and which is still in the process of being unearthed is basically undeniable that he is on to something of world-shattering proportions. In "Magicians" I was brought right back into the incredibly exciting journey with Graham that we loft off with in "Fingerprints" 20 years ago. Traveling the world to all of the newest archaeological sites which are causing history to have to be rewritten, Graham demonstrates the undeniable evidence that is proving mankind was capable of highly skilled architectural feats thousands of years before scientists even thought the first civilizations had developed. Many feats which would still to this day offer incredible challenges even with our most modern, sophisticated equipment. And some which we still have no clue how they could've been accomplished.

Perhaps the main issue at hand in "Magicians" is Graham's discovery of what he believes is the final clue that solves the riddle of how his proposed lost civilization seemed to have been completely wiped from the earth and why remnants of this culture have been found spread around the world in other later civilizations. I'll leave that discovery to your own enjoyment when you read the book yourself. But, trust me, if you have any interest in this subject matter, you will enjoy every minute of this book. As well as Graham's other amazing publications including Fingerprints of The Gods, Message of The Sphinx, The Sign and The Seal, Underworld or the incredible Supernatural.

If you'd like to get a better understanding of Graham's theories, there are a couple of great interviews that can help give you a Cliff's Notes version of his ideas. Check out:

-Dark Journalist Youtube Interview

-New Dawn Magazine interview

-Josh Stewart

"Travelling To Return Home" by Jerome Campbell

A couple of months ago we received a random piece of mail from London, post marked via the "Royal Mail". Intrigued, we peeled it open and discovered a rad little photo booklet by Polar Skate Co's Jerome Campbell. Not even aware that Jerome was a photographer, it was especially surprising to see such a rad piece put together so nicely with sick photography and a strong layout. It had been a long time since we added anything to the "Book Club" section on TOA, so we caught up with Jerome when he was recently passed through NYC and got him to share a little bit of the story behind the mysterious booklet that he'd sent us. So here's a little video short on Jerome Campbell's "Traveling to Return Home".

"Fingerprints Of The Gods" By Graham Hancock

“Fingerprints of The Gods” by Graham Hancock should be a staple of anybody fascinated by alternative theories of history and the true beginnings of mankind. The UK’s Graham Hancock has become a real life Indiana Jones in his quest for the lost secrets of human history. Instead of writing from a dusty office or the confines of a desk, Graham spends years flying from 5,000 yr old pyramids in Cairo to the desert Nazca lines of Chile and gives you first hand accounts of his investigations and experiences. As a result, he presents you with information that most universities and celebrated scholars are afraid to touch or even consider. Because what Hancock presents in “Fingerprints” is so challenging to the current timeline of human civilization that all history books would have to be rewritten and mainstream history, archaeology and anthropology would all be turned upside down.

This book is a must read for anybody interested in the secrets of history. It is a building block for a whole new view of mankind’s evolution and an exciting read that will keep you glued better than any Hollywood blockbuster. And it is pretty damned good evidence that the theory of Atlantis is far more than a myth or legend.

"Supernatural" By Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock has been blessing our eyes and brains with incredible new ways to see the history of mankind for over 2 decades now. But his newest book, Supernatural, ventures into a whole other world altogether. Beginning with an in-depth exploration into the cave paintings that were mankind's first demonstration of artistic expression and religious ponderings, Graham is led deep into the rabbit's hole of the collective consciousness. And as we discover along his journey, these early cave paintings, it has been accepted were mostly being created by shaman and medicine men of ancient people's who were under the influence of ceremonial hallucenagenic plants. And Graham makes the proposal early on that perhaps, it is mankind's early experiences with the collective consciousness that opened up the brain into the world of creativity and self expression.
As the book progresses Hancock interviews psychologists, anthropologists and philospers who’s work has made a strong case to prove that the brain is like a radio antennae that can be retuned to receive different dimensions of reality. And it is Graham's and other scientists theory that the psychoactive substances like that of Amazonian Ayahuasca simply retunes the brain to these other dimensions and presents us with another world that is as real as the one around us.
“Supernatural” is a fascinating read that ties in heavily to old Theories posts arguing for a collective consciousness that links the energies of all of life. The end was a bit of a let down, but the basic premise of this book is enough to make reading it’s 419 pages completely worth the effort.

"CrossFire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy" By Jim Marrs

So I dove into a new book recently and am a few miles deep in the shit right now, pulling my hair out in shock and amazement at the never-ending matrix that is the JFK assassination story. If you are at ALL intrigued by the bizarre story surrounding this monumental event, THIS is the book you simply must read!

THis story simply has no end……I’m 300 pages deep right now and the amount of information that never reachd the ears or eyes of the public is seriously mountainous. Did you know that Oswald not only was doing top-secret espionage work for the FBI in Russia before the assassination, but he was also tied up in bizarre covert operations for the CIA in New Orleans leading right up to the assassination?
How about Jack Ruby? Well, the dude has countless connections to many suspected involved figures including personal ties to J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson to name a few.
Did you know that congress launched a second investigation in the 1970’s called the House Select Committee on Assassinations and it concluded that there was a conspiracy, that Oswald wasn’t the only shooter and that there was likely CIA involvement as well as countless coverups committed by the FBI. There are countless examples of the FBI getting caught red-handed destroying evidence and or outright lying to investigators….it’s so bizarre.
The best part of it is that I’m not even halfway through with this monstrous epic and it’s still just as confusing and mysterious as it had been before I picked the damned thing up.
And perhaps one of the MOST shocking tidbits uncovered was that JFK, just a few months before his assassinations, had issued an executive order taking the power to print money OUT of the Federal Reserve’s hands and putting it back into that of the US Treasury. He actually had the US Treasury print over $4 billion in us currency in order to ween us off of the massive debt that the Federal Reserve had dug us into. This was VERY bold indeed. The Fed Res was incredibly powerful and would never have let this stand. Supposedly immediately after LBJ was sworn in after JFK’s assassination, one of the first things he did was call in all of those US Notes and push the Fed Reserver back into power…..as well as reversing Kennedy’s other executive order to withdraw troops from Vietnam.
The implications of these revelations are sky high.

"An Act Of State" By William Pepper

 Today the club returns to nerd out on a new book that is rocking my literary world entitled "An Act of State" by attorney William F. Pepper. The book chronicles the author's nearly 30 year search for the truth behind the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Similar to "Crossfire", the last book featured in the book club, "An Act of State" unearths mountains of shocking new evidence that you have NEVER heard on your evening news nor in your local newspaper. William Pepper was not only a very close friend to King before he was murdered, he was also hired by the King family to help defend the alleged assassin, James Earl Ray, in court. Think about that. The King family was SO sure that James Earl Ray was set up as a patsy as part of a horrific conspiracy by elements within the US government, the they actually hired a lawyer to defend him. Pretty incredible.  Did you know that during the House Select Committe on Assassinations, a Congressional hearing in launched in the 1970's to reinvestigate both the JFK and MLK murders, unearthed evidence that the FBI was tapping MLK's telephones in his home and office and even were found to be tapping MLK's mother's phone? All in an attempt to catch King doing something, anything, that they could use to discredit him publicly and ruin his reputation. This isn't a theory, this is a fact which was openly discussed in congressional hearings in front of Congressmen and the press. So why haven't we ever heard about this?
What makes Mr. Pepper's especially enthralling is following along with him during his own journey of discovery as he hunts down witnesses, key players and even face to face meetings with the alleged assassin himself. The man to bring the only real trial in the murder of MLK has brought us an incredible book that should be required reading for every American citizen and student alike. Buy this book and your view of our country will change forever.

"Dark Mission" By Richard C. Hoagland

Dudes....this book is frizzling the nerves and receptors of my brain at a comet's pace! I can't even BEGIN to explain the insanity I'm discovering with the turn of each page. Apparently, NASA has from it's very beginnings been controlled and manipulated for occult and esoteric purposes. As insane as a claim as it might seem, the evidence is overwhelming. Countless missions to the moon and Mars have been planned to the most intricate detail to occur during key celestial alignments of important constellations that fall immediately over the landing sites and launch points of each vehicle. I'll fill you in more in the comments section later.
This book goes into SO many different areas that it’s impossible to summarize the whole thing for you. But, basically, the author worked for NASA during the Apollo program. When we landed on the moon, he was there rooting for NASA and working as NASA’s correspondent to NBC. But when NASA started getting it’s first images of the surface of Mars is when he had his falling out. He, along with other NASA scientists, were very vocal about some images that demonstrated some very unnatural geometrically shaped formations on the surface of Mars in the “Cydonia” regoin. When they pushed to investigate further they were ostracized by the rest of the administration.
As time goes on he his partners go on to discover a pattern in these “structures”. Geometric and trigonemetric consistencies that demonstrate fundamental principles of what our modern understanding of physics is based upon. And then this discovery is then applied by he and his team to make predictions as to what NASA will find on future missions to Saturn, Neptune, etc and thein they end up actually being DEAD on!
One discovery after another leads him down the path of an Indiana Jones-like adventure until he eventually stumbles onto a pattern in the important landings and take-offs of the several different moon missions of the Apollo program. At the exact minute of these important historical occurences, the constellations that are held as the pinnacle of the Egyptian relligion rested at very significant positions in the sky above the landing spots/take-off points.  Not, once, not twice, but multiple times this occurred like clockwork. And when I moon landing was scheduled to land at a time in which these constellations WOULDN’T fall in their pre-ordained positions, the mission would experience “technical difficulties” and would be held in orbit until the problem was “fixed” and the lander would then touch ground perfectly on time for the constellation to be right where it needed to be.
Then, as his research brings him deeper he starts to investigate the major players in the space program and overturns a long line of Scottish Rite Freemasons, Nazi Germany former SS officers and followers of Aleiter Crowley’s “magick” cults. As bizarre as it all sounds, the one consistent theme tying all of these people together is their reverence for the ancient Egyptian celestial gods Isis, Horus and Osiris. And once that is recognized the NASA playbook reads like a connect-the-dot book in which every major event or decision seems based around the significant numbers, constellations or “gods” of ancient Egyptian religion or of Freemasonic importance.
It’s a difficult read at times, but this book ties in so many connected stories of the 20th century that it could help even the least up-to-date reader get aquainted with the true nature of the forces working behind the scenes of our society.

"Unmarketable" By Anne Elizabeth Moore

“Unmarketable” is a brilliantly compiled piece of work by author Anne Elizabeth Moore. Anne Moore has captured something in this book that I’ve been whining about for a decade but been unable to describe in my own words. Essentially, what Anne attempts to do in “Unmarketable” and pretty much nails is to catalogue the covert practices and marketing strategies of corporate brands attempting to leech off of the integrity and respect of the last few cultures left that have any integrity at all. By using the punk scene, DIY culture and skateboarding as case studies, Moore uncovers the sneaky techniques of corporate brands attempting to get access to counter cultures that were thought for decades to be inaccessible. You’ll be surprised to see how close Anne gets in her study of skateboarding and the attempts corporations have made to get their brand through the gates of what has notoriously been an untouchable culture.
I highly recommend this book to any fan of the underground ideals of skateboarding. Or to anyone who fears the power and unchecked growth of corporations and their influence in even the most underground cultures This book is proof positive that nothing is sacred when it comes to corporate marketing.

MIA Zine

MIA skateshop has become a fixture in the Miami skate scene. And one of the raddest things about the shop is it’s support network of friends who have helped to make it far more than just a skateshop.
One of the more important pieces of that puzzle is photographer Ian O’Connor who was born in the Florida Keys and spent the majority of his life as a skateboarder in Miami. Ian has been working with the guys at MIA and playing his part in the skateshop since it’s inception many years ago. And now Ian has teamed up with MIA to compile a book/zine that would capture the rich skateboard history of the Miami area while also presenting the rich culture that makes Miami so unique, as seen through the lens of Ian’s camera. I expected a far less ambitious project than what met my eyes when I first opened up the Program Zine. It’s shocking to me how much work and thought went into compiling this awesome piece of work. It is the perfect crash course for any Miami newcomer into what Miami is really all about. And a heap of entertainment and nostalgia for Miami’s most seasoned veteran.
Although the price of this little gem is a bit on the high side, I highly recommend it to any fan of skateboarding and the rich culture that we get to witness first hand while out in the streets of the cities we skate within.

"From Atlantis to the Sphinx" By Collin Wilson

The basis for this book by Colin Wilson pretty much picks up where Graham Hancock left off in “Fingerprints of the Gods” and “The Mystery of The Sphinx”. The argument, for which there is a shocking amount of evidence to support, claims that the Sphinx that rests before the 3 great pyramids of egypt is not 4,500 years old, as archaeologists insist, but closer to 9,000-12,000 years old. This is not a new proposal, as I said above, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval have spent a great deal of years making a pretty good case for this. Such a revelation not only re-writes history but it also presents some very serious questions about how a civilization of such antiquity was able to build such a complicated structure. Many aspects of the sphinx and it’s construction could still not be replicated today with our current technologies. But what Wilson goes on further to propose is that this possible yet-to-be discovered civilization was not only highly advanced, but that they existed under a different knowledge system than what our current civilization understands and functions w/in. Essentially arguing that maybe when we say this civilization was more “advanced” than the Egyptians or Mesopotamians it isn’t meant from a scientific, Newtonian type of system. Maybe, supposes Wilson, this ancient civilization was more advanced on a level of consciousness. Although this sounds like a bit of a stretch, he clarifies by citing examples of birds flocking together or fish schooling underwater. There is a little understood connection between all of these creatures that no accepted form of communication can be used to explain. And Colin Wilson proposes that this ancient society was at the apex of human development where we had reached a solid level of scientific knowledge while still possessing our animalistic connection to our fellow man, just as the bird in the front of the flock does the bird in the very back of the formation.
This book is amazing and offers great explanations of some pretty essential concepts of collective consciousness and the argument for, for lack of a better word, is the theory of Atlantis.
It’s highly recommended and I’m certain you’ll find it an interesting read.

"Last Word" By Mark Lane

Now, I consider myself a bit of an expert on the subject of the JFK assassination, I guess as much as any researcher can be an expert without actually interviewing witnesses themselves. And I literally thought I had seen/read/heard it all when it came to that fateful day in Dallas, Texas some 50 years ago next month. So when I started delving into what I thought was just going to be another recap of information with which I was already quite familiar, I was astounded at what I discovered very early on between these pages. Because it was always my understanding that nobody had really publicly questioned the findings of the Warren Commission until Jim Garrison, the District Attorney of New Orleans, launched his investigation into the alleged CIA asset Clay Shaw in the late 1960’s. The Garrison investigation is what the Oliver Stone film “JFK” based it’s storyline on and was the first time that millions of Americans ever learned of the alternate eyewitness stories about what actually happened that day in 1963. But it turns out that very soon after the Warren Commission published it’s report, much earlier than the Jim Garrison investigation, another man made some heavy waves by publicly criticizing the official story in what became a best-selling book “Rush to Judgement”. A respected lawyer and former friend of John F Kennedy, Mark Lane stirred a shit-storm with the release of his book in 1966 by raising questions about the suspicious and unconstitutional manner through which Lee Harvey Oswald was convicted in the public eye of murdering the president without a trial and after being consistently denied legal counsel. After extensive questioning of many of the closest eye-witnesses to the JFK murder, he collected a heavy body of evidence that the conclusions of the Warren Commission about Oswald being the lone shooter were terribly flawed and in need of review.
Many times when I’ve been digging around online for information about the assassination I’ve come across some amazing television interviews with eye-witnesses from that day at Dealey Plaza. Most of which offered heavily conflicting testimony to what the Warren Commision reported after their supposed extensive investigation into the whole debacle. And it was never clear to me just where these interviews came from or who had recorded them. But as I read Lane’s new book “Last Word” I discovered that these interviews were excerpts from a documentary by Lane himself released in 1967. Watching the “Rush to Judgement” documentary is chilling because it is a plain-as-day raw conversation with countless witnesses who not only give VERY different accounts of what transpired on November 22nd in Dealey Plaza, they also demonstrate that their statements were falsified and twisted by the Warren Commission investigators.
Now, nearly 50 years later, Lane’s new book documents his story of taking an unpopular path in his pursuit to find the truth of what actually happened on Nov 22nd, 1963. And almost as incredible as the evidence unearthed by eyewitness interviews, are the stories of what Lane has been through in his lifelong battle to get to the bottom of things. Perhaps the most intriguing section of Lane’s new book is in his examination of the CIA’s influence on popular media. Now, I was completely unaware of this fact, but Lane scored the first real victory in unearthing government secrecy in his lawsuit to use the Freedom of Information Act in his investigation of the CIA, FBI and the Warren Commission. After striking a shocking victory in the Supreme Court, he gained access to tens of thousands of CIA documents, many of which the CIA didn’t have enough time to black out incriminating evidence before the Supreme Court deadline to turn them over to Lane’s team. And during this investigation Lane and his assistants uncovered insanely shocking information demonstrating the CIA’s blatant influence over mainstream news sources and even finding their instructions to their paid assets inside specific media outlets on how to destroy Mark Lane’s credibility in the public’s mind and how to go about reviewing his book. It’s incredible. This was one of the most amazing and incriminating things I have read demonstrating exactly how government institutions like the FBI and CIA are able to control the dialogue about important subjects that are threatening to the establishment.
In one part of the book Mark tells his story of being invited as a guest on the popular CBS interview show ‘Firing Line’ to take part in an open debate with the show’s host William F. Buckley Jr. Lane describes his fears of going into the debate because after a little research he discovered that Buckley’s brother worked for the CIA. So Lane went in prepared and ready for a battle. What transpired was nothing short of creepy. Amazingly, I found the broadcast interview on Youtube. But even more incredible is that years down the road Lane indirectly discovered that William F Buckley Jr was actually a paid CIA asset himself. Think about the implications of this discovery.These are highly respected celebrity news people who are telling us our daily news and they are not only influenced by the government some of them are actual paid assets.
This book is HIGHLY recommended to anybody who is mildly informed about the JFK conspiracy. I would also highly recommend it to readers who have doubted the official story but always wondered how in the world such a conspiracy could be kept secret for so long.
Mark Lane put himself at incredible risk by pursuing his investigations for all of these years and even though this newest book was published in 2011 he even recently found that media assets in popular publications were still using CIA drafted defamatory practices to muddy his credibility and soften the blow of his book.
Please read this book so we can debate and discuss it on TOA soon.