Theories of the Night

As I’ve said many times before, it doesn’t matter how amazing a skater or a skate scene is, if there’s no photographer or videographer helping to shed light on them then there is little chance of them ever getting noticed beyond their town. It takes a dedicated photographer and/or filmer, who’s willing to burn through mountains of film/tape and every moment of their free time to bring some attention to the talent in their scene. The state of Florida has produced a decent list of notable filmer/videomakers, but it has always suffered from a lack of photo coverage. But over the past couple of years an up and coming photographer from that hotbed of skate talent, Lakeland, has been refining his skills and shooting with a lot of the heavy players in the underground east coast skate scene. He just wrapped up a short piece for us as a TOA exclusive and I’m stoked to introduce you to the first offering by photographer Aaron Austin.

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